Vancouver, British Columbia is what The Vlade calls home nowadays, but the singer/songwriter was born on the banks of the river Danube in his native Bulgaria. His love affair with music and art started very early on in his life, with his grandma's songs and paintings. Ever since he can remember, he has always been fascinated by the sounds and colors around him.


The Vlade taught himself to play the guitar around age thirteen and began writing his own music soon after. His current musical style can be described as an eclectic blend of a wide range of musical influences - from traditional folk songs and acoustic sounds to electronic music and hard rock. Over the years that mesh has morphed into a uniquely wonderful style, showcased here on his first lo-fi album release, "Dreams In The Basement".


But The Vlade's talents do not end with his musical abilities. He is also an award-winning designer, humorous illustrator and animator, children's book author and cartoonist. And though music took a second seat to work and family, he is glad to be at a stage of his life when he can return to his first love.

"It is never too late to follow a dream", says The Vlade. "Apart from the pure joy of creating music, teaching my kids to follow their dreams is the other reason why I recorded this album. You should always stay true to your real self, no matter what!"


In February 2023, after several years of hiatus, The Vlade started working on his new album.