Hey, music lovers!

I'm thrilled to announce the release of my latest album, "D.I.T.B v.II" which is available as a 'Name Your Price' download. My album features a mix of love songs, acoustic sounds, electronic sounds, and pop, which showcase my unique musical style.

I'm proud to say that the first song on the album, "Coming Home," reached the top 20 chart of the Bulgarian National Radio. I'm now offering the album as a 'Name Your Price' download, with a $0 minimum, but with a highly appreciated contribution for those who wish to support my ongoing creative work.

By offering my album in this way, I'm making my music accessible to a wider audience, regardless of their ability to pay. This approach also allows my fans to support me in a meaningful way and help me continue to create great music for all to enjoy.

So, if you're a fan of my music or just looking to explore some new sounds, head over to my website and download "D.I.T.B v.II" for a price that works for you. Not only will you get to enjoy some fantastic tunes, but you'll also be supporting an artist who is dedicated to making music that moves and inspires.

To download the album, simply click on the "download" link below and enter the amount you feel most comfortable with, from $0 to $1 million (hey, a guy can dream, right?).

Thanks for your support, and happy listening!