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Well, well, well, let me tell you about this crazy experience I had with a radio station that almost made me wish I lived in a different city.

First: GREAT NEWS! I have just released my latest music, and I'm feeling like a rockstar with my sweet tunes ready to take over the world. The album, "D.I.T.B. v.II," is available on all major streaming services, and can be purchased as a "Name your price" download. A major step in the right direction! Hope you will give it a listen!

Second: Suuurprise! I got an email from a radio station in the US saying they're going to play my music! I was ecstatic, couldn't believe my luck. I mean, what were the chances?

They asked for a bio and some photos, and I eagerly started putting them together. I was already picturing myself being interviewed, talking about my musical journey, and hearing my music blasting through the airwaves. It was like a dream come true!

But, as they say, all good things come to an end. I received another email from the same station just five minutes later, and my excitement quickly turned to disappointment. The email read: "Oh, you are in Vancouver BC, not Vancouver WA... sorry, we play only local bands..."

My heart sank. I mean, seriously, can't they see how awesome my music is and make an exception :-)? I was so close to living out my radio dreams, only to be let down by a silly mistake.

And just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, another radio station emailed me. They raved about my song "Coming Home," but, you guessed it - they only play local music.

It was almost comical at this point. I started daydreaming about living in different cities, just so I could hear my music on the radio. Vancouver, WA one day, then LA the next, and maybe even New York or Paris, Texas.

But, in all seriousness, this music business is a wild ride. I don't blame the DJs at those radio stations - they have a programming policy and they were pretty nice, actually. It just sucks when you get your hopes up... One moment, you feel like you're on top of the world, and the next, you're back to square one.

But, I'm not giving up just yet. I'll keep putting my heart and soul into my music and sending it out into the world. Who knows, maybe someday The Vlade will be as famous as Lady Ga Ga and more radio stations will play my music, regardless of where I'm from. Right? Right?

For now, I'll just keep riding this roller coaster, one step at a time.